Photographer, Jean Depara’s work is a great example of why it’s necessary for us to document the “times of our lives” the area in which we live. There’s beauty everywhere and no one can capture “you” like you. Experiencing, Depara’s work not only made me smile, but it inspired me for an upcoming shoot I have with a couple at the end of the month. My clients, feel strongly that their images should reflect something we don’t see in mainstream media often “the love between a black man and a black woman”. Despite what we’re led to believe, many of us know it exists (it always has), but my desire is to see it, to feel it and for others to know it (especially the younger generations). And while I can’t do anything about mainstream. I do have a voice with my camera -a powerful one.  I love fashion and lifestyle photography, but my street  and personal work will be my legacy and bless others like Depara’s work blesses me. There are times I wonder whether my street photography matters, afterall; it’s just images of strangers doing normal things in their everyday lives. Then I remember, why photography is such a delectable gift, it helps us to educate, remember, savor and experience a taste of what was and that which will never be again.  No matter how unflattering, mundane, or normal it may appear…the way we live our lives and who we are is the most important thing in life. I’m constantly inspired and compelled to capture everything I see, even if I don’t fully understand why. I just know it’s necessary and oh so beautiful.